Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

Today is my gorgeous husband's birthday and to celebrate I wanted to share some photos from over the years....like a pictoral "walk down memory lane". I had some photos I really wanted to use, but as I went looking for them they were nowhere to be found. My gut tells me my ridiculously good-looking husband must have smelled a blog post coming and hid all photographic evidence of a childhood......well, all evidence but these (insert evil laugh)!!!!

Micah @ 1 yr- I love this face!!! You can already see that he will grow up to be easy on the eyes.

 Already quite the little man...he still makes this annoyed look (mostly at me....when I write blog posts about him)!!

 This is my all-time favorite picture of Micah and his mom!! It makes me smile every time I see it!

Micah, almost all grown-up....the whole world is in front of him (by the way, he still has those sandals and that tee shirt!!)

And then he meets me!! 

And we had this little guy..... 

Happy Birthday, Micah!!! (my goodness, he really is a big chunk of eye candy, isn't he!!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oooooo, that smell.......

This weekend I decided to pay homage to my southern heritage. As a girl growing up in the South, I was exposed to many different (and fabulous) foods......fried chicken, sweet tea, and cheese grits to name just a few. One of my favorites is known by a few names: shrimp boil, crab boil, low country boil.......but they all mean one thing.......YUM!! Plus, you get to use the best spice combination man EVER created....Old Bay Seasoning!!!!!!

Here is the actual recipe........it is also mandatory that you listen to southern rock while you cook (I chose Lynyrd Skynyrd).

here's all the ingredients ....so excited!!!

sun tea is a MUST!

no southern meal is complete without cornbread (the corn muffins were regular size however, this picture makes them look huge!!)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Silly Charlie.....

I think we may have a very spoiled doggie on our hands!! When he was a puppy, Charlie was more than willing to lay on the floor. Then, the floor was no longer good enough, so he moved to the window seat with the hard brown cushions. Now the awful brown cushions are not good enough for the little prince....he has commandeered Ezra's toys for extra cushioning.

This is truly a sad state of affairs......

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunshine is Delicious....

Let me preface this to say that I am sorry for all my southern friends and family that are still under the oppressive heat wave.....but here in Indiana, we are having a completely drop dead gorgeous day!!! Blue skies and big, fluffy clouds.....

This is our forecast for the next few days!! So happy.....this summer has been way too hot and muggy for this girl.
 While we are REALLY enjoying having our windows open and a breeze blowing through the house (free from the tyranny of the AC), no one is taking more pleasure from open windows more than my baby girl, Ozzy. Her world has become complete.... If we could ever switch places with an animal, I want to be a house cat!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tee Shirt Tuesday!!!

Today's tee is brought to you by the letter M......

My husband, Micah, loves the two hecklers from The Muppet Show. Way down deep inside, he is just a cynical old man.....in puppet form. They are all kindred spirits!!!

Find this over at Busted Tees......check out girlfriends 'tude in this pic!!!

Bet you never knew their names......Statler and Waldorf!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesdays

I love t-shirts (or tee shirts. if that's how you like it). In fact, most of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts, as does my husband's. My husband even has several from high school!!

As an ode to my favorite piece of clothing, I am beginning a new post here called T-Shirt Tuesdays. Each Tuesday, I will post a different tee or theme of tees that have caught my eye (read: these will be t-shirts I want/need to own!!) You can also send me your favorite pics or ideas for t-shirts and I will feature them on T-Shirt Tuesday!

To help me through the mourning process (being that the last Harry Potter movie has just come out and with it the reign of Potter is done...boo) I am dedicating this T-Shirt Tuesday to my favorite child wizard and his crew.

Go visit the etsy shop, evietees, to purchase this one!!
The best Potter book, according to me, is The Prisoner of Azkaban. I love all the twists and turns. Everyone needs a Marauder's Map!!

This one is at Busted Tees
Who doesn't want to be in this secret club?! I wonder what my patronus would be....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VerHage Family Reunion

This past weekend we had a family reunion of sorts. It all started when Micah's sister announced she and her family were coming to Indiana this summer. As word got around about the visit, more and more VerHages wanted to come party. Soon enough family that we had never even met were planning on coming!! We were all so excited!! The date was set and the VerHage's began descending on the farm....

Here are some photos of our day!!

Everyone is here!!

Cousin Josh teaching his son the fine art of frisbee

We did a lot of hanging out and talking

more hanging out and talking...

Grandad, Grandma, and the boys (minus Mike!!)

In addition to gathering together, we took lots of photos of each other. I love Chelsea's pose in this one....she looks like Miss America!!

Pops with some of the cousins

The reunion was a hit!! We sat and talked, played Cornhole, had target practice, and ate lots of good food. There was so much fun, in fact, planning began for a reunion next summer.....

So, you may be asking yourself, what do two introverts like Micah and Steph do to unwind after all the people interaction? We go shoot guns!!

With Pops watching Ezra for us, we walked out to the shooting range for some down time......

Micah setting up the "target" (the cardboard box not the dog!!)

I'm concentrating real hard

Maizy is such a good girl

Micah trying desperately to keep up with his gunslinger wife